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Terry Fulgham has authored two books.  ‘Battling The Blessings’ is his autobiography.  ‘Garden of Souls’ is Terry
Fulgham’s second book.
Author's Bio:
Terry Fulgham is the author of Battling The Blessings, a Recover alcoholic / drug user who shares his story of how he made it through his
circumstances that there is a way out. Although he has been a working on this book for two years since 2005, the book became a full-time
reality in 2007; a gift he says was given to him by God. Terry is a former alcoholic/drug user and has been clean and recovery since April
22, 1987. He knows he was messed up as a child, as a result of his grandfather's death. During those painful times, he had no clue of the
way his life was going and stuffed all the pain and hurt deep inside himself with no one to talk to about what he was going through. For a
long time, he didn’t even know himself, but he could see now that God was preparing him for his Blessings.
Terry Shares This With You:
I was born in the early forty's in Flint, Michigan. I am a recovered alcoholic/drug user who starting using when I was 12 years old. At age 40 I was
Bless with hearing the words of God in my heart spiritually speaking to me.
I had decided with the Lords help that now was the time for me to look at the way my life has been blessed rather than how I felt I had been cursed.
For over twenty nine years I had been living a Lie, Ruining Family, Friends, Fail Marriage's and Relationships, not seeing that I have been truly blessed
with Hobbies and Accomplishments that I have very much enjoyed over the years.
I had been battling with myself and others. Until I came to realized that the Lord has been speaking to me over the years while I was having an internal
war with myself. Not really understanding that I had a deaf ear of everything that was good around me.
For years life seemed to turn a cold shoulder to my hope of ever thinking that I would be anything more than a looser.
To overcome these feeling I had to believe in myself or I would be lost forever.

Blessings are gifts from God; you can't steal, borrow, or give away your Blessings.

Have faith in the lord and be blessed,
Terry Fulgham (Luckado)

Battling the Blessings

Battling the Blessings is an Autobiography of one mans struggle of courage and hope
and his personal journey through years of alcoholic/drug addiction, failed marriage,
family life, illness, and finally self - discovery.
Garden Of Souls

Garden Of Souls is a story based on fiction that could actually be a true story because
of its story context. This story is about two men, Peter Knight and George Martin,
whose lives seem to cross paths over their teenage years and on through adulthood.
Though they were never friends, by some unusual force in the universe, they feel this
strange closeness to each other.
Author Terry Fulgham's Books:
Professional Videography, computer video editing, a member of Mentors Video Group of Michigan is a combined effort of video enthusiasts
who are willing to share their knowledge in the art of video production. Charter Member of the Michigan Independent Videographers
Association, Former Member of the National Wedding Videographers Association, Dental Technical for over Thirty years, student
Instructor at Great Lakes Academy ( making and repairing dentures), Instructor the basic learning of PC Computer and Graphic Designing,
Certificate of Achievement The Art and Science of Container Gardening from Michigan State University, Retired from the Automobile
Industry, Life time membership as a UAW member, Journeyman Cement Finisher in the building and Trade, Held membership in AFL-CIO,
Life Time Supporter of all Unions.
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Author Terry Fulgham
Battling the Blessings




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Putting it down will be hard.
Author : Terry Fulgham
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