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To whom this book may relate to....
To be 100% honest with everyone who visited this web site, I wrote this book because I
think I have a great story to tell and because I believe my life story may in some way help
This is the truth and I say it with the most sincere conviction.
My life story may relate to teens in high school who go though many problems in their
Such as; Dealing with teenage peer pressure, alcohol/drug addiction, violence, illness,
faith, etc.
My personal  experience  of life on the street as a teenage and adult using drugs and
alcohol.  In Flint , Michigan before getting my life together and making something of
The decisions and choices you make in your life today can, and will, forever change your
Life time membership as a UAW                          member,  
Supporter of all Unions.  
" Together We Stand Divide We Fall "
Solidarity Forever
" What the heart has once known, it shall never forget "

The idea of this book came to me as I was sharing some of my past life experiences with
my granddaughter. She told me I had lived a very interesting life and that I should write a
book about it. I never thought I would write a book, but I also realized that my children and
grandchildren really did not know anything about my life.

Over the years, I have had friends tell me, “man you should write a book about yourself.”
My question to them was why? Over and over again I would hear the same answer. “Man,
because the things you have been through in your life are interesting. It’s hard to believe
that you survived all of the trouble and hardship and still have a positive attitude, and still
have your life that’s been blessed with so many opportunities; you need to share your

By sharing my life story and experiences, readers will learn how I made decisions and why,
what wisdom I gained from my life growth and my transformation, and what made it
possible for me to grow, change and become a stronger and better person.
This true story spans over 50 years.
The motivational message of this book is certain to inspire anyone seeking to find balance
and fulfillment in their own life.

Reflecting my early childhood, teen years, and adulthood, it is not by chance that the title of
my book is “Battling the Blessings.”             
The title is very much a part of my life story. It seems that I have been battling my blessings
most of my adult life. I have been in denial of God. Not that I did not have faith in the Lord, I
just did not believe in myself. Raised in a   Baptist  Church  , I had a spiritual bond with the
Lord. Over the years I have questioned the Lord about everything that has happened in my

I believed it was God’s fault that I lost my faith. What a STUPID thought. It was just my way
of not blaming myself for my actions.
God does not cause hardship; we do. I started to believe in luck, not blessings. Can you
imagine going through life thinking you are lucky, that everything good that happened to
you was brought on by luck?  

Luck is something that, I found out later, doesn’t exist. You can feel lucky one day; the next
day you can be unlucky. That’s like believing that you are lucky to be breathing. When, in
fact, it’s a blessing just to wake up from sleep and find you are breathing.   
With blessings you are blessed; the Lord doesn’t take back blessings.

As a matter of fact, they stay with us for life; no one can take them or steal them; you can’t
give your blessings away. Blessings belong to you and that’s something to be thankful for; I
am very thankful for my blessings.  

My book is based on my life, through years of living with my alcoholic/drug addiction, failed
marriage, family life, illness, and finally, self-discovery. From chapter to chapter in this
book, you will read about how I loved the street life; worked at a steady job and still had
time for the street life. While both lives can be a full time job, the funny thing about being
employed at a full time job and hanging out in the streets is you have to be able to keep the
two lives separated.

From the time I was a teenager hanging out in the streets to being an adult, what I learned
was that you don’t talk about your education or your employment. I tried selling drugs; bad
idea when you are using drugs. I ended up being my best customer.
You will understand how I was being blessed with the opportunity to better my life, and how
my life blessings have always been there; I just refused to recognize them. In order to
receive blessings from the Lord, you have to open up your heart.
For all the troubling years that I had, my heart was always open to the Lord.  

During my first marriage I had no children; during my second marriage, I was blessed with
three beautiful children whom I love very much. As of writing this book, my first, I have
been blessed with six grandchildren.

I would like to help other people by passing on my strengths. I hope the story of my life
could be used as a motivational tool for other people, as I feel it shows how to cope with a
wide range of emotions. I feel very strongly that we all have a story we can share. And my
story one day could save someone’s life or be an inspiration to someone. I will now take
you on my life journey through my trouble and my joy, “Battling the Blessings.”  

I pray that each of you that read my story and share it with others will be blessed. May you
be blessed in what I have shared and what the Lord is doing in my life. May you find the
encouragement I have found, and continue to find what you need and know that the Peace
of the Lord is with you.

To my Mother, Mommae, you are my number one fan and cheerleader, my best
friend, and I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.
I am deeply indebted to, and wish to express my gratitude to (Wife) Joyce, (Sister)
Brenda, (Sister) Loretta, (Friends) Don, Jim, Richard, Bob, Raymond, Ed, Nick, and
my dog Reba.  
I would like to thank my family and friends for their acts of kindness, conversation,
advice and encouragement, which inspired me to write this book.
I would like to give a very special thanks to Erin Hynd and William Potter, who both
read and edited my entire manuscript and used their expertise in critical reading and
writing to help ensure the content was at least close to grammatical correctness.
Also, I thank God, who keeps me keeping on.

All proceeds arising from the sale of this book
will go toward the creation of a college fund for my grandchildren.
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